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Make a great first  impression!


Too many business professionals are not pleased with their current headshot.
We believe that everyone should have a professional headshot they can be proud of, so 
they are happy to share it with the world!
I know you have a great headshot in you, I can coach it out of you!
Don't settle for a headshot that doesn't make you look your best.
Get a headshot that rocks!

(See images, rates, contact info below)

Session info & rates

  The focus is totally on you. I don't do timed sessions, so you can relax and not worry about running out of time. I do this so you get all the time you need for our photoshoot.    I'm not going to keep you any longer than needed either (I know your time is valueable), but I don't want to rush you through a session.  Each person gets the attention they deserve, to get the headshots that you can be proud of, and fits your needs.
     As important as lighting, composition, and posing is, the right expression makes or breaks the shot.  It is  important to me to get everything right, especially the expression.  I can help you to relax, and bring out the confidence, competence, and approachability that makes a great headshot.
     We start with a phone consultation, to answer any questions you may have.  We discuss clothing, hair and makeup (if applicable), your goals in the photo session, or any other concerns you may have.
    Once you arrive to your appointment, we will spend some time getting to know each other, and I can give you some general tips on getting the best shot.  We can shoot on several different backgrounds, and will get you different looks and poses.  Don't worry, I will guide you on how to pose, and will get you your best look.   I will make you comfortable in front of the camera, so we can get you at your best.  It is a fun, relaxed atmosphere that lends to getting the expressions you need from your headshots.
     Once we have finished, we will go through the images, and select the ones that you like the best. There is no minimum or maximum number of images you can purchase. You purchase what you want and like, there is no obligation to purchase a certain number.  We do have packages available, that may save you  money.
     Every image is then fully retouched, to remove any blemishes or anything you are uncomfortable with, and sent to you 3 ways, the original framing as in the camera, and 2 additional, more tightly cropped photos.  All photos are high resolution, and are sent to you so you can download and use.  Photo prints and albums are also available if desired, at extra cost.
    The studio session fee is $149.00  This includes: 
    Inital phone consultation    
   No time limit on your session, we go at your pace, not mine
   Unlimited outfit changes
    One on one post session advice on image selection
    5 Star experience, everybody can look great on camera with professional coaching!

   Each image you choose (ala-carte) is  an additional $75.00 , which includes professional retouching
   or you can choose packages to save even more money.  By having more than one headshot, you can present 
   variety and keep your image from getting stale. 
Package Pricing:
6 retouched images: $375,  save $75.00
10 retouched images $595, save $155.00
20 retouched images $1050, save $450.00

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Portraits, headshots, headshot photography, people, backgrounds, portrait photography.
8527 crop-1 - Fred Copley Photography
Portraits, headshots, headshot photography, people, backgrounds, portrait photography.